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Discover actionable insights

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Convey meaning and relationships
between complex data clearly

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Many organizations have data that they do not know what to do we with.
We can help you organize that data making it much more valuable to your organization.

Making sense of the data you have!
Let the information you need come to you!
We provide answers to your questions!
Organizing your data in new ways to create opportunity!

We are passionate about what we do, and how data can be used to improve the current state and future health of athletes

We work to blend the latest academic and analytic methodologies with common-sense practicality. Previously, companies were unable to answer important operational questions because they did not have enough data. Now, companies are swimming in data and benefit from our services by being able to find the answers to their questions in their sea of data
We do not believe in one size fits all solutions. Each problem we face is unique and requires individual attention and analysis. Our team of experts can help you navigate your specific situation and find solutions that are both economical and logical.
Simplify the complex!
Honesty, integrity and professionalism.
Timely, specific, and insightful information in a usable and understandable format!
Answers to your previously unanswered questions.
Sports Analytics Conference

Academic Training to build Awesome Partnerships

  • Multidimensional Panel Analysis
  • Choice Modeling
  • Econometric Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Fixed Effect Regression Models
  • Analysis of Variation
  • Machine learning techniques
    We strive to have only satisfied clients. Here is what some of our closest allies have to say.
    Daniel is a highly motivated, highly adept leader. His passion, skill, and work ethic will carry him far in the business world. Daniel’s ability to form relationships with a diverse group of people is also a strong point.
    I would highly recommend him for any consulting work with your company.
    Cameron North, Customer Experience & Services Marketing
    Daniel is a highly talented and driven person. He has strong analytical skills and is very bright, and very quick. As a team member, Daniel was always on time with high quality work and his contributions helped lead to the continued success of our team. I am confidant Daniel will have a bright future and look forward to watching his success throughout his carrier
    Jason Guiles, Operations Leadership Program at ViaSat
    Dan and the Cardinal Team were amazing to work with as true partners. I gave Dan his first job 15 years ago and he has impressed me ever since. His attention to detail, his organization and his concept strive for doing better have helped my company grow tremendously.
    Ricardo Carvajal , President - JemRose Promotions
    Bradley was a tremendous help for us as we finished a segmentation and clustering project. He provided rigorous analytics that confirmed many of our previous suspicions and allowed us to move forward with confidence.
    Brandon Buser, CRM Manager - Arizona Diamondbacks
    Congratulations on getting your business up and running. I know you guys will dominate in whichever direction it takes you. I have seen your work first hand and I will always keep you in mind
    Philip Birkbeck, Community Marketing Manager – Arizona, New Mexico - Dick's Sporting Goods

    We Are Here to Make you Happy

    Customer service is more than a mantra at Cardinal Advising. If we do not provide timely and helpful insights to your company, we have failed. We promise to provide unparalleled service and stand by every artifact of work that we produce.
    • Customer centered and focused on meeting the goals and objectives of each client.
    • Top tier analysts who are familiar with the latest industry trends.
    • We truly enjoy our work and this passion comes through in each of our employees.
    • We offer free support because we care about your project as much as you do.

    Our WorkPlace